The real protagonist isn’t the girl nevertheless women’s laugh

She informs father she went to the brand new beach that have Hattori, then again she jokes adultfriendfinder hesap silme hysterically as he tips at a possible like facts while the Hattari is involved

Ozu videos these types of easy reports making use of the lower thoughts of somebody standing on a good tatami pad, something will make it become much more ordinary and colloquial. At the same time Ozu invests inside the manically appropriate compositions having a consistently however camera, certainly targeting a brilliance away from harmony among the many points of world. Narratively, he displays a special passion for skipping the most melodramatic scenes (in reality, we never actually comprehend the groom). Simply when strong ideas you will come into play, the film skips the experience. Ozu’s are movies from quick body gestures, not out-of huge attitude. Most of the very important minutes result regarding our very own eyes, designed not shown. For the a little community which have an easy stop just before a good regal slope a small grouping of female wear old style see for the a room beautiful views quiet Masa’s space.

Among them is actually her relative Noriko. She is the actual only real daughter regarding Masa’s sis, a the aging process widower, who is a great college pupil. Noriko not merely lives that have him however, takes care of all of the task in the house. The old child was dressed up generally and you will works closely with their secretary Hattori who wears western gowns. He is seeking find yourself a manuscript. Noriko scolds his dad for not over yet and you may cannot let your gamble majong having a neighbors. 24 hours later they make the show with her so you’re able to Kyoto (an extended scene of these inside train as well as the brand new land external switching out of environmentally friendly hills to help you nondescript buildings). They have to deliver brand new manuscript and you will she happens searching. She suits the lady bro Onodera. He’s got remarried and you may she disapproves from it, contacting your a dirty old-man.

The guy laughs heartily. She requires your domestic as the a shock in order to her father. Both guys discuss the undeniable fact that Noriko, already 27 years of age, is still single. She continues on bike experience along with her dad’s secretary Hattori so you can the encompassing water. The lady father chats together with sibling Masa just who complains regarding manners away from ladies (a bride-to-be even used sake in the the girl relationships). Masa tells Noriko’s father regarding bicycle drive that have Hattori. Noriko is actually delighted undertaking this lady family errands and you will awaiting this lady father to return domestic. Cousing Aya, that is divorced, relates to visit and remains at once.

Noriko, suspecting one her father could have been hiding new Miwa facts of this lady, doesn’t want to talk to him, performing instance an effective duped spouse

They gossip from the almost every other women, partnered and expecting. Perhaps the progressive, liberated Aya whom work inside the an office asks Noriko when this woman is going to get married. From the sibling Masa’s lay when you are youngsters are playing baseball external, Masa lecturs Noriko regarding marriage. She’s discover a handsome 34-year-old bachelor just who turns out a celebrity star, Satake, a university-knowledgeable city profile whom works well with a primary company. Noriko isn’t interested because the she can’t log off dad by yourself, however, this lady brother has recently determined how to proceed which have father: wed him into the childless widow Miwa. Today Noriko converts furious. Home this lady father observes you to she has no the usual look.

She strolls off to shop instead claiming a phrase. Dad and you can girl sit-in good Noh performance and you will in that extended scene (where Ozu demonstrably provides showing the skill of Noh) Noriko captures their dad and work out visual communication into the widow Miwa. The woman mind starts drifting out, head bowed since if she was indeed planning to cry. Along the way right back Noriko deposits her father having a reason and you can treks on the reverse side of the road. She heads getting Aya’s put and, when you’re looking forward to the girl buddy, she possess meditating when you look at the a room but a huge chiming clock. Noriko says to Aya you to she’d wanna become an effective shorthand typist such as for instance Aya, various other phrase another woman, but Aya chides her: as to the reasons works if an individual may partnered?

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